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Good news! Our lovely little salon has gotten so friggin busy lately we can hardly keep up! What with all the demand and the ever growing waiting lists, we’re pretty much completely run off our feet… all the time.
And that’s where you come in- if you’re looking for a great new job opportunity and you think you have what it takes to join our fabulous team then please, by all means, get in touch! 


Hair stylists: Must be fully qualified with at least 6-8 years experience. You’ll be friendly, enthusiastic, and able to wow us with your kickass skills. Hair-ups are your passion, colouring is your strength, and cutting is second nature.  If you’re amazing and you know it, clap your hands (’cause you just found your dream job and we’re dying to meet ya).

Juniors: Must be fast approaching full qualification. You’ll have a desire to learn and  develop yourself and your career. You’ll need patience (all good things come to those who wait) and you’ll need to be willing to put in the work to get the gain. In return, we offer intensive training from some of the best stylists in the industry. We’ll teach you how to create beautiful updos and boho braids, colour like an artist, and cut like a wizard. There’s so much to benefit from here- so if you think you can handle it just get in touch!

Receptionists: Energy and smiles. That’s what we need. A welcoming face and can-do attitude! If you’re looking for a really fun and upbeat place to work and you’re tired of the same old grind then you sound like our kinda pal! We’re a quirky little bunch, but we know how to laugh and we love a bit of banter so don’t be shy, give it a shot and apply- you’ve got nothing to lose and we’d love to hear from ya xx

 contact enquiries@theparlourlondon.com to apply xx